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Lightning and Noctis: Touch Your Lips

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This song is the song of all my ships, especially lightis.  I was playing transistor and it broke my heart.  

Anyway, Lightis AU where Noct is being hunted after escaping from an organization that abducted and experimented on him so that they can ‘harvest’ his DNA for his powers.  Lightning is his childhood friend and the only one who believes he isn’t some ‘miracle’ but a normal human being. She takes him in, but eventually half the city is destroyed from Noct defending himself and Serah is one of the casualties. They continue running but she starts to resent him for destroying the life she had (and killing Serah) even though it’s not his fault—he can’t really control his powers.  His emotions and paranoia that they’ll find him when he least expects it makes it worse.  The trauma he’s suffering from being cut open over and over again (sometimes without anasthesia) has made him very dangerous and volatile even around Lightning.  He’s a ticking time bomb, and the two of them know they can’t run forever. When they’ve finally got him weakened and surrounded he agrees to come quietly but only if they can guarantee Light’s safety.  When they do he secretly presses the gun he’s been meaning to kill himself with into her hands.

"I’d rather you do it than them."

I will always find you
Like it’s written in the stars

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Fools set the rules in this world. Just take a look around. It’s undeniable.

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Hey there, I’m lauren. I’m eighteen and I’ve been diagnosed with depression & bipolar. I’ve had depression since I was super young and my life has been a rollercoaster ride… A bad one at that. Right now, I’m struggling more than anything. I’m not as strong as I used to be, Honestly I need all the help I can get. 

I’ve decided to print/write them out into a journal I have. I thought this was a super good Idea because whenever I feel down, Sad or simply I need a pick me up. I can look in the journal and see all your beautiful messages of inspiration and love, Plus I can take the journal wherever I go. Witch helps alot. So I hope you can help me… Here’s how;

♡ - You can message me or submit me something. It can be a message or a present you’ve made. So again, I can print/write it off into my journal.

♡ - Everything means the world to me, Even if it’s a simple message or check up or something. Knowing you’ve taken some time just to leave/make/check… Anything, You all mean the world to me and so does this journal with all your lovely presents.

♡ - If you leave anything for me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have no Idea how much this means to me so thank you, ILY! <3

If you do leave anything for me, Please make sure you leave it here. Anything submission wise will go to my main, Witch it totally okays. Please send messages to the journal blog though, Thank you so much! 

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Thank you! If you take the time to read this, Reblog is and send me a message. It will be the absolute world to me. You guys can keep me going, I know it! Thank you! <33

lauren xox 
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This journey is over now …

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{10/10} Video Game Character Icons (Female Version)

➳ Lightning Farron

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Lightis Headcanon


Prompto doesn’t trust any woman that dates Noct so he purposefully puts the moves on them to test them, only with Light his efforts are concentrated because unlike most first meetings with Noct’s gfs theirs went something like this

image image

He’s taken it as a challenge and has subsequently developed a crush on her but every single time it’s burn after six feet deep crater-shaped burn and the whole time Ignis and Noct are just like


The only reason why Noct doesn’t intervene is because Light finds it more amusing than he does.

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