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Sony has released the latest trailers from Tokyo Game Show 2014 on the Japanese PlayStation Store, and the description for Final Fantasy XV’s video confirms something that has been under speculation for a long time: You can actually switch party members.

Here is the translation of the description: "Taking advantage of the next generation console’s specifications, characters can move around the entire screen and the traditional party battle of Final Fantasy games is evolved so you can enjoy battle even more strategically by switching party members." (source)

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It flashes bright, then fades away. It can’t protect. It only destroys.

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If anyone ever wants me, I'm here!

This is my personal and when I do get free time, I’m over there alot more than here at the moment. Feel free to follow or just check up on me if you wish, Peace! <33 
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They took this picture of us a long time ago, I’m surprised it lasted this long…
I wonder…if you still remember me.

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-The Beginning Of A New Friendship-

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Thank you 500 followers!

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